Jon Sikora Singer/Songwriter
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Out of the mountains of Northern California is revealed a well-kept secret. His name — Jon Sikora. His talent — making people’s spirit come alive…rekindling hope, love, and higher thought. It’s been said, “Art is either plagiarism or revolutionary.” Jon’s material is the latter — refreshingly original!

Jon started playing guitar and writing songs at age 13. A self taught and highly motivated musician Jon became interested in getting the most out of an acoustic guitar that was humanly possible. He developed a unique style incorporating alternate tunings that only enhanced his already rhythmic finger picking. By age 16 there was quite a buzz about him. Interest was being shown on a more serious level but Jon was having way too much fun to alter his life at that juncture. In those teen years he managed to make several NY bar owners wealthy because there was always a line to get in when Jon was booked. Although his charisma, accompanied by a prodigy type talent, had “star” written all over him, for Jon the actual creative process was always the focus and joy.

At age 20 Jon married and moved to a 40-acre ranch in Northern California. He spent the next 20 years like you and me. Real world responsibilities of raising a family and making ends meet. There was not much time for travelling to gigs, but there was always the song writing and the home studio. Jon would be driving down the road and a song would start, as he puts it “coming through him.” He would pull over and write it down...accumulating a catalog of over 200 complete songs and another couple of hundred floating about. Sweet rhythms and catchy hooks abound. Lyrically, even the romantic songs are substantive. His potent thought provoking songwriting was always ahead of its time and on the cutting edge.

Carrying his own distinctive style, the music does not jump into a particular category. The broad range and diversity lends to crossing over. Whichever genre, his songs call from a clear soulful place and seem to resonate that place in others. From the overwhelming response Jon has been receiving, it seems that audiences are thirsty for that light. They connect with the vibrancy of his energy and the message of the music. His life experience has been theirs. There is common ground, yet the songs elevate far above the day to day. Like most true poetry, they serve to uplift and transform the ordinary into the beautiful.

Jon has opened for the likes of Bela Fleck, and most recently performed a set of concerts with the masterful Steve Kimock and is looking forward to more acoustic collaborations with Steve in the future.


photo of jon

Photo by Tara Schallock

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