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May Update!

Well it's been awhile...some things change and some remain the same. The northern California winter rains have given way to greening hills and wildflower carpets of purple and gold renewing hope for a world seemingly gone mad. I continue to be amazed by all I experience on this planet. The administration in Washington continues to ride the coattails of 911 to justify the erosion of many of the democratic principles this country was founded on. The unjust war in Iraq is a bonafide disaster costing 10 billion dollars a month and devastating the lives of American and Iraqi families. Here at home the government ignored victims of Hurricane Katrina in one of the most despicable displays of compassionless ineptitude we have ever witnessed. The concentration of power at the executive branch is frightening and illegal and has to stop! From domestic spying, to torture, to the leaking of classified information this administration has taken arrogance and incompetence to a new level. I often wonder why, we the American public tolerates such a government gone wrong. I can only surmise that we are for the most part comfortable enough and busy enough to let this behavoir by our elected officials go relatively unchallenged.

It's never all bad however...I continue to write music about life love and discontent. I write about the beauty I see in people and nature and the commonality of people from all walks of life. I still believe the human spirit will prevail. That in the end, light will triumph over darkness. These revelations and contemplations surface in the songs I share. A new CD is in the works and I will update this page as it nears completion. A sampling of the lyrics can be viewed on the news page. Until then...much love to all.











A Bruce Potter guitar on the right.

Steve & Jon, Jenner Playhouse, July 27

photos by Arielle Phares

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